Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Team JL Velo Cyclocross Season - Pile-O-Pics

For your amusement, a kaleidoscope of the entire 2011 Northwest Velo/JL Velo Racing cyclocross season. Well, at least the events where Racer Boy Ian participated - that's my boy. It was a fun fall for both of us. Him on the racer side and me on the camera side.

I took a few zillions pics during the 'cross season, some already posted on my little ol' blog. I also posted team only pics in Google for the team to cruise through. Slideshow of 'em all below. Grab a drink and pull up a chair.

Some technically a little blurry and/or not perfect, but not bad. Intent was to capture as many teammates as possible with emphasis on the junior racers. What's cooler then kids looking pro and racing 'cross?

Labor Day Cyclocross Championship. 09/05/11. Milton, WA.

MFG Series Race # 1. 09/11/11. Kirkland, WA.

MFG Series Race # 2. 09/18/11. Issaquah, WA.

Seattle Series Race # 1. 09/25/11. Redmond, WA.

MFG Series Race # 3. 10/02/11. North Bend, WA.

Seattle Series Race # 2. 10/09/11. Lakewood, WA.

Seattle Series Race # 3. 10/16/11. Everett, WA.

MFG Series Race # 4. 10/23/11. Redmond, WA.

MFG Series Race # 5. 10/31/11. Seattle, WA.

MFG Series Race # 6, 11/13/11. Seattle, WA.

Seattle Series Race # 7. 11/27/11. Monroe, WA.

Washington State Cyclocross Championship. 12/04/11. Arlington, WA.

Well, there you have it. Pile-O-Pics reflecting our 'cross season. Next fall will roll around sooner then expected. Time flies when you're getting old. Until then, much mountain biking and even a little pavement cruising in the works. Now its your turn to ride and grab some pictures.

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