Sunday, March 27, 2011

Singletrack Cycles - Westside Series Race #4

Race # 4 of the series down for the count today. This shindig held at Fort Ebey State Park located on Whidbey Island. Island also means ferry travel or long drive around over the Deception Pass Bridge. Both options require 5:00 AM wake up call. Ouch. Ian up at 4:50 AM ready to roll. Strange how impossible it is to get up him up for school, yet not for racing. We decide on the ferry option. Female half of the clan, mom and sister, elected to sleep in. Smart they were, since it was windy and cold the entire day, with the threat of rain. Not fun spectating weather by any means. Especially if you're not into bike racing, like the male half of the clan. We're goofy that way.

General milling about before race time. Race site was located in the middle of a campground. As with many races we've hit, looks like another cool spot to visit later. A great family camping possibility with mountain bike trails and beach front as the added bonus. Call now, operators are standing by.

Garth, head honcho for the Northwest Velo/JL Velo race team, psyching out orange cone before going for the holeshot. Megaphone Dude in background setting 'em for the launch.

Only three kids in the U-12 Division today, Ian being one of 'em. They'll all score series points for the day however. Kid in the middle, Gidean, riding for Team Motofish took first place once again. Ian scored second spot and related glory for JL Velo. Titus, brother and teammate of Gidean, pulled in for third place. Bit of a scoring mixing up at the end called Ian the winner, but we straightened it all out, and the kids received the correct medals. Ian and Gidean are currently battling for 1st and 2nd place overall for the series. Gidean currently at number 1, want to make sure he stays where he deserves. Ian certainly wouldn't want to get bumped into first place by a mistake. I double checked with Budu Racing later, everything is cool scoring wise. Good folks running the show.

U-12 kids drag race to the singletrack. Go Ian go.

Ian sprints in for second place.

Ian and Gidean catch their breath at the end. Ian thought the course, at 3 miles or so, was way too short. The full adult lap was 7 miles with steep climbing. At this stage, better off short and wanting more, then a death march. The U-12 Division is hard to judge at times. You get complete younger beginners and experienced young racers as well.

Another JL Velo racer in action. I'm not sure who this, but he's looking pro and blurs the camera with speed.

Jerry, another JL Velo member, rocking the course.

Besides singletrack to race and ride on, Fort Ebey offers views like this. That's Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains for the non Northwest folk out there. We're pretty damn lucky here, areas like this close by. And there's many of 'em.

The ferry Kittitas delivered us home. We don't use the ferry system much, so when we do, kind of a treat. Killer views and fun way to travel. Drive on, then walk around the deck to soak up the damp 40 degree wind. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

Ripple in water from nearby whale frolicking with boat traffic, just like nature intended. For all the marine biologists out there, appeared grey in color with a spotted back. Tail occasionally breaking the surface. Of course, you can tell that by this award winning photograph. Look for it soon in National Geographic.

Ian plays with the wind, 2nd place medal holding him down for ballast.

Actual photo proof of my defective mug, suitable for framing or perhaps darts.

Impressive rain cloud dumping on unsuspecting ferry and Edmonds, Washington. Almost home and time to unpack car and get with the usual routine. Work, school, homework, projects and the typical mayhem. Joy.

File this along with all my other similar sounding race reports, sprinkled with poor photography and goofy jokes. I guess its true; you get what you pay for. Until next time. Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel...


  1. That race looks like a good father and son day out. Tell Ian to keep up the good work. I hope this kids are going back to school telling the others what they did over the weekend.

    Maybe that will bring more kids out.

  2. @Bikewright. Some events have more kids then others. Even when a good group of kids show up, still nothing compared to the size of the adult field. The riding culture for kids in the U.S. just doesn't exist.

    Even though my son digs this stuff, he rarely mentions any of it to his school pals. He said none have a clue of what he's talking about. It's all baseball, football, basketball - which he enjoys as well. Bike racing is and will remain a subculture sport in the U.S. Which is too bad - for kids anyway - 'cause it's fantastic for them.

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