Sunday, March 20, 2011

Singletrack Cycles - West Side Series Race # 3

Race # 3 of the Singletrack Cycles - West Side Series rolled into town today. The town being Soaring Eagle Park in Sammamish, race run by the folks from Budu Racing. Ian and I have never ridden in Soaring Eagle Park, so a good chance to sample some new trails. I have ridden in this area before, probably 20 years ago, before the housing developments exploded and it was an official park. In any case, so long ago - it's all new to me now.

The park is a condensed zig zag of fun singletrack. Twisty, but not that technical, but still enough to put a grin on your face. One of the many great aspects of racing is the chance to ride in new areas. This place is on our list to visit again in the future, to check out all of it when we have time.

A few of Ian's JL Velo teammates from the Junior team also attended the festivities, giving Ian a chance to hang out with like minded kids. A fun day, or should I say morning - since their race kicked off at 9:00 AM. Ian and I arrived early enough to pre-ride the course, a rare event for us. The short 4 mile (or so) course assisted with that fun fact.

As usual, some crappy photography to document the day. Someday I'll score a real camera that can actually capture moving action. In the meantime, the pocket Olympus will do...

Here, Mitchell, JL Velo Junior teammate, puts the pressure on the unsuspecting adult racer. I heard him yelling "Passing" a few seconds later. Gotta get a kick outta that. Mitchell placed 3rd overall in the Junior 13 - 18 class. Great ride. Two lap race for the 13 - 18 year olds today.

Mike, another member of JL Velo, cruises to a 5th place finish in the 13 - 18 class. Nice race.

Trey, brother and teammate of Mitchell, samples the Soaring Eagle singletrack and pulls off a 4th place in the 13 - 18 class. That placed JL Velo in the 3rd, 4th and 5th spots in that class.

Gidean, from Team Motofish, styles his way to first place in the Junior U - 12 class.

Ian, in his second race for JL Velo, about 15 seconds behind Gideon - still sporting the mountain bike style - baggy shorts, Camelback, helmet visor. We'll go with full team duds soon. He tried clipless pedals for the first time yesterday. He did great, but we elected to go with platform pedals for the race - he's been riding those for years. Needs a few more clipless sessions and he'll be ready to roll.

Pedal Ian pedal. 2nd overall finish today in the U-12 class. Great job. U-12 rode one lap of the course, Ian said he could have done two laps. This series appears to be a confidence booster and good experience for 11 year old Ian. Many longer races in the future. No rush, all should be a fun learning experience at this age.

A few hundred adults also raced - me not included, my lame streak continues. I included this unidentified dude as official proof. Go unidentified dude, go.

The results are posted!

Junior racers of the day. Trey, Mike, Mitchell and Ian. The little dudes rock. Great day for all.

Post race Mexican food. Well deserved. Awesome father/son time. Enjoy it now while I can.

The 2nd place today places Ian in 2nd place overall for the series. Fantastic. More to follow.

Another race and great experience in the books. I can't sell mountain bike riding and racing enough. Get out there yourself and do it. You'll be glad you did. Trust me on that.


  1. Great race report. Glad to see and read everyone is having fun.

  2. Good Report, give Ian my congratulations, good times.