Saturday, November 13, 2010

Old Guy Ride - Take Two

I hit the "Old Guy Ride" this morning - as titled by old riding pal Tom. I set the alarm for 7:00 AM, hit the snooze button until about 7:45 AM, and still made the 8:30 AM start time. Meeting place being Big Finn Hill park, just a short cruise from the house. I buzzed over on the 29er after a quick bowl of cereal, banana, and some OJ. Breakfast of champions?

A few familiar faces for this ride, since this being the second time I've joined this gang - including Tom, and the Principle of my kid's elementary school, Bethel. A few others mixed in as well, including Scott on a sweet Turner full suspension 29er. All of us appear to be on the far side of 40 years old and I know some of the gang are at least 60 years young. There's no race posturing, just a bunch of guys out for fun with a total low key vibe. This ride has been going on every Saturday for 15 years now, anyone invited. Tell me that little fun fact ain't pretty neat.

Weather looked like rain, though never happened, temps in the 40s - welcome to fall in the Pacific Northwest. Wet and muddy trails - but not too bad, plus lots of fallen leaves to hide slippery roots and items to catch your wheels. There's something about riding in the fall that clicks with me. Reminds me of my East Coast roots - pun intended.

Yes, I am the master action photographer. Here capturing the official cell phone stop. Feel free to download and frame over the fireplace.

Scott pulls some styling air on the Turner. Who says you can jump 29ers? Ride ritual rotates ride leaders. Today was Scott - who likes to climb - routing us multiple times over the short, steep climbs contained in our woods.

The Principle displays the benefits of "higher" education - by catching a little air.

Mid ride expresso stop. Expresso shack located directly across the street from beloved neighborhood singletrack. Ride ritual involves someone picking up the tab and the favor goes around each week.

Various muddy implements of fun stacked against expresso shack....

....and nearby dumpster. The country club crowd doesn't know what it's missing.

Part of today's gang - sipping coffee in a parking lot - wet and muddy. All good, clean fun.

The Principle schools us on some trials riding.

What goes up, must come down.

All in all, about a 3 hour ride today. Fun stuff. Cool thing about bikes, doesn't matter if you're 12 years old or pushing 60 - all the same. Get out in the woods with friends, splash in the mud, share some laughs - playtime with benefit of exercise tossed in. And that's pretty damn hard to beat.

See you next time...

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