Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day

Work called off today in order to partake in official President's Days festivities. And no better way to honor our forefathers then with a mountain bike ride. Well, I think so anyway. Anyone care to argue?

School officially called off as well, so my favorite riding partner hit the local woods with me. Riding partner whined a bit about wanting to hit Duthie instead, but I wanted something close by. No loading of the car or driving required, so St Ed/Big Finn Hill was it. Temps in the 40s and sprinkle of rain as we pedaled through suburbia towards the woods.

To mix things up, I declared today "Backwards Day" and we rode some of our familiar sections in the opposite direction. We need do that more often, since we tend to ride the trails in same sequence, since I think they flow best that way. The change was good though, made some of the old trails feel new again.

While buzzing around, ran into Glen, who I've ridden with a few times during the Saturday morning "Old Guy Ride". He noticed the barricades Ian and I constructed this weekend in the attempt to stop some corner cutting. When I mentioned we constructed 'em, he gave us the thumbs up. That was cool. I also ran into a guy riding a sweet Ibis Mojo and we chatted for a bit. He rides with his two sons, now 19 and 20 years old. Said riding brought him and his sons closer together.

Yeah, I'd have to agree with that. Bombing around the woods on bikes with your kids qualifies as excellent father/son (or daughter) time. No argument there.

Ian and I had a blast today. Rode fast in some sections, cruised in others, and stopped to goof around. As usual, a Clif Bar stop was mandatory. Mmm....chocolate. We took some time to play with the camera as well...

Local woods contains this fun switchback climb, or descent, depending on the direction. Here, Ian grinds his way up towards the top. Its not all that long, but pretty steep, with a few tight turns. Throw in the occasional log crossing to bump up the technical factor a notch.

Round 'N' Round we go. Camera angle makes Ian's bike look extra small. Yes, those are 26" wheels. Ian usually pulls this climb off without a dab. Great job. Not bad for 11 years old, eh?

Ian plays camera man while I climb. Enjoy the tour, I'll be your guide. Music courtesy of some fellow riding pals band. Bicycling types tend to be kinda cool. But hey, I'm kinda biased, so don't trust me.

It's not mountain biking without a little blood.

Spring comes early to the Pacific Northwest, budding trees as proof. A sign of good things to come. Warmer days, drier weather and faster trails. Yes please.

Back to the work grind tomorrow. Someone has to make the doughnuts. I guess that be me. Adios.


  1. There's no better way to spend your time...

  2. @Trevor. For sure. Thanks for stopping by.