Sunday, February 13, 2011

Misc Rambling and Pondering

Busy week topped off with a busy weekend, such is modern life. Son Ian's school project, due on Monday, big rush to finish over the weekend. Of course, he had about two weeks to get this done, with much prodding from us - finally complete. My wife deserves a medal for the assistance put in on this. I entertained daughter Amy while all this was going on, to redirect the attention machine to a new target. Mix in the occasional kid fight and time crunch meltdown, man - being parents is the occasional Barrel-O-Fun. There really should be some kind of warning labels put on these little humans at times. Any parent reading this is now nodding head with silly grin on their face.

Before the school project kicked in full steam, Ian had a basketball game on Saturday. Season is winding down and the kids have only won one game so far. They're playing well, but just seem to lose by a few points every game. The two coaches who run the team are good guys with their own boys on the team as well. After the game, the team met at Dairy Queen for ice cream, treat from the coaches, from a previous game where the team scored more rebounds then the opposing team. Cool way to put a positive spin on things. Ian is really enjoying playing, even with the losses, and has improved quite a bit from last year - his first ever season.

My cousin Patti, all of one day short of being 39 years old, died of Lupus this week back in New Jersey. I haven't seen her since she was maybe 10 years old, so many years ago, but through Facebook over the last year or so - got to know her a bit through her posts. She seemed to be a character with a great sense of humor. About two weeks ago, she was in critical condition in the hospital, but then recovered enough to go home. Pretty weird to see Facebook updates from someone at 4:30 PM, then find out she died suddenly the next day. Now her Facebook wall is full of people posting memories and condolences. This wired world we live in can be beneficial, but a little strange as well. You get to sort of know people, but not really. Having it all end at 38 years old is way too early in anyone's book. Also a reminder for us still here, that this little ride we're all on, doesn't really last all that long.

Sunday morning, we notice a police car at our neighbor's house. Neighbor, good friend of ours for 20+ years, talking to a woman officer and looking around their backyard. A bit strange here in our suburban neck of the woods. After the police car pulls away, neighbor gives us a call to fill us in. While walking the dog this morning, noticed the shed in his backyard was open. He looks inside to find a jacket, gloves, flashlight, and what appears to be some kind of drugs on the floor. He's thinking prowler, so called the cops. Turns out, unbeknownst to us, a stolen car was stopped a few streets away, really early this morning. The dude jumps out of the car and runs, through some backyards, then down our street. Police had K9 units on our street looking for him, but he got away. We all slept through the whole thing. They had no idea the guy had hidden in my neighbor's shed until he called later in the morning. Creepy. Hopefully, he was eventually caught. Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do when they come for you...

Even with hidden criminals, losing basketball games, pondering your own mortality, and looming school projects - Ian and I escaped for a quick mountain bike ride late Sunday afternoon. A man has to have his priorities straight, no? The best way to clear your head is in the woods on a mountain bike, no doubt about that. Especially riding with your 11 year old son.

When we returned home, I cracked Ian up with the idea of calling my neighbor - tell him we saw some weird dude in the woods, asking directions to his shed. Told us he left in a hurry, was a little lost, and wanted to pick up his jacket, gloves and flashlight.

Hey, nothing better then laughing at this crazy stuff. My cousin Patti probably would have agreed. Ride on or do whatever your thing is - do it now - while you can.


  1. Ian sure sounds like a good active kid.
    Sorry about your cous, that Lupas is mean.
    That guy at your neighbor's needs bicyling to turn his life around. :-)

  2. Ian can be incredibly active - and lazy as well. Same with my daughter - and most of us really.

    Beside hearing it caused Juli Furtado to retire many years ago, I knew nothing about Lupas. Scary stuff for sure.

    Yeah - being hooked on bikes is a lot better then other things to get addicted to.