Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Potato Packing and Wood Chopping

Vacation day today to assist with a field trip with my son's 5th grade class. We all headed down to Kent to visit Northwest Harvest, a non-profit outfit that supplies various food banks with free food. Sort of a distribution center for donated and purchased food to assist people in need. Teacher thought it would be a good experience in community service and to experience a little work as well. I'd agree. The kids and parents who tagged along boxed up a few thousand pounds of potatoes. A lot of potatoes moved in three hours - a lot of potatoes indeed. The kids had fun however, a good all around experience for everyone - me included.

After the potato packin' morning, thought I'd sneak in a quick road ride. Carbon Ibis is still not rideable, fender friendly steel Ibis was sporting a flat - so I grabbed the 29er instead for a super messy mountain bike ride. Tons of rain and high winds yesterday, so the trails were fairly muddy. Still good to get out. While out, discovered a back hoe chopping away in my local woods. Rumors of a new fire station appear to be true. Weird, since two other fire stations are close by. Apparently, they plan to combine the two smaller stations into this new one. Doesn't make sense to me. Oh well, shouldn't affect the riding area much.

Night topped off watching my 7 year old daughter get an award for a writing project she did. That was cool.

No photographic proof of anything today. I was camera lame. So be it...


  1. We believe ya, pictures or not. :-)
    Also, your a good papa, and the world could use more volunteerism like you do.

  2. @MrDavey. Thanks. I don't know if all the kids fully got the message of what they were doing. To them, it was just loading up potatoes on a field trip. Kids are pretty smart though, I'm sure some got it - others may realize it later.

    I try to hit all my kids field trips if possible. It's fun.