Saturday, November 6, 2010

End of the Slump

It's the end of the slump as we know it - and I feel fine. Finally, out for a real ride today. Due to the family and I being on and off sick, work related tomfoolery, and other nonsense - first actual ride in almost a month. Way too long of a layoff. Let's not try that again, shall we?

Two hour social cruise with an old riding pal, Jeff. First time we've ridden together since '97 or so. Yeah, a long time. Jeff was a member of our weekly mountain bike ride, back when a bunch of coworkers used to hit the trails together. People move on, change jobs, lose contact - then reconnect through the wonder of Facebook. Man, I'm sure glad Al Gore invented the Internet.

It's been raining for a few days, trails good and wet, but not that bad. No rain for the actual ride. Cloudy, but fairly nice out. Jeff is just getting back into mountain biking, complete with his '90s era Cannondale hardtail. Still rolls just fine, complete with V-Brakes and still functioning Headshok. That's all a boy really needs for a little fun. Big bucks long travel rig not required. Buzzed around for about 2 hours, reacquainting Jeff with the trails he hasn't ridden in many years. He seemed to dig it, we'll hook up again.

Our ride intersected with the "Old Guy Ride" (as riding pal Tom calls it), so we chatted for awhile. I'm hoping to hit that ride again soon. The old dudes probably think I'm dissing 'em, since I've run into 'em a few times while riding with other folks. Not the case, their 8:30 AM start time is a tad early for the folks I've been riding with.

After the ride and hose down of the dirty 29er, complete with scraping mud off my legs and shoes - some family time and errand running - in the pouring rain. Looks like we timed the ride just right.

While out later in the afternoon, noticed this item for sale. Yes, that's real plastic snow. None of that fake plastic snow crap for us. Nothing says Christmas like real plastic snow. Ho, ho, ho.

That concludes my very exciting and ultra detailed ride report. Transcripts are available for purchase in the lobby. Good night. Drive safely.

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  1. Yes, I thank Mr Al Gore everyday for inventing the internet. Nice to be back on the bike. :-)