Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Drag Racing Sting Rays

I caught this oldie, but goodie, off another bike site. 1970's bike drag racing, complete with flaming burn outs and parachutes to slow down. I didn't know Sting Rays were that fast. Apparently, not quite fast enough for helmets though.

I grew up in the '70s, so the whole vibe of this video cracks me up. The bikes, long hair, striped shirts - yup, it's all there. Witness for yourself.

As goofy as this all seems now, I still can see some merit in it. This would be perfect for kids, especially kids not really into bikes yet. Set up in a school yard, cheap timing system, no matter what the era - kids would dig it. Probably some adults as well. Call me crazy.

Now - how can I rig up a dual parachute system?...


  1. Those kids would go a lot faster if they'd GET A HAIRCUT!!!

  2. I wish I still had my old Sting Ray, totally classic

  3. Sting Rays now available on eBay. Prepare a large check, they've become a bit collectable. Some of 'em anyway.