Friday, November 19, 2010

MFG Cyclocross - Final Countdown

MFG Cyclocross - Woodland Park GP from j.cameron.b Productions on Vimeo.

Pretty cool movie pulled from the MFG site - from last weekend - final race of the series. Official 'cross weather, 800+ racers, plenty of spectators. Great day. Take a gander, even though you're probably at work. Go ahead, nobody is looking.

Final results posted as well. Son Ian scored 6th place overall out of 49 racers. Nice results for the Junior Boys 10 - 12 class. Great job.


  1. LoL. I.T. is always watching my internet use. :-)
    That video made my pulse pick up, love it.
    If I ever get young again, I will CX race.
    Ok off to the Cement Slab Cafe.