Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rainy Saturday Ride

Rainy, lazy Saturday. Family slept late, which we all need at times after a hectic week. I even laid on the couch and watched Stage 20 of the Giro D'Italia on Universal Sports. Cool stage that features the Passo di Gavia climb that clinched the Giro win for Andy Hampsten back in 1988. Spectacular scenery, long climbs and dangerous descents - all elements that make pro racing so great.

I've only caught a few segments of televised coverage of this year's Giro, so getting the chance to watch an entire stage crashed on the couch was almost a mini-vacation. Sometimes rainy days are a good thing.

Late in the afternoon, I got the hankering for a little singletrack action. I asked my favorite riding partner, son Ian, if he was interested in joining me. He was riding the fence a bit, but elected to go. After some waffling and finally getting changed for the ride, we discovered his mountain bike shoes no longer fit - time for a new pair. Knowing it was gonna be a wet one, we drafted some old sneakers into action and finally headed out the door.

We hit the local trails at St Ed and Big Finn Hill, a short cruise from the house. The rain had stopped, but the trails were mighty wet indeed. I've said it before, will say it again - we're damn lucky to have fun trails rideable from our driveway. Trails were empty, probably due to the weather and being Memorial Day weekend. No problem, we'll take it.

We pulled off an easy cruise, pausing at times to play around with the camera - fun excuse to stop occasionally and also good father/son time. As usual, we also took a break at our "Clif Bar" spot, to give Ian some fuel and excuse for chocolate. I usually steal a few bites as well. Just another excuse to hang around the woods a bit with my son. All good and maybe something he'll remember years down the road. Check out the posted video for a glimpse of our local trails.

Both our new steeds are working out great. I finally have the front shifting on Ian's bike dialed in, no issues at all. Ian is also getting used to the 26" wheels and larger frame. He's climbing technical terrain better on this bike. Every ride, I dig my 29er more and more. The bigger wheels roll really nice over bumps, roots and rocks. Bike feels really stable, but nimble when needed. Believe the hype, if you still dig hardtails, a 29er is the way to roll.

After we got into the woods and warmed up a bit, Ian said he was glad we braved the weather and headed out. With other family festivities, including Little League baseball crowding our schedule, we've only hit the trails together a few times over the last few months. I really enjoy that we ride together, so great to hear that he enjoyed it as well.

With the right people around, rainy Saturdays can be a good thing after all.


  1. Sounds absolutely "priceless" Oh and yes I agree on the sleep, seems most of us never get quite enough.

  2. Wow! Can't believe you are still riding with arm warmers at this time of year. It is in the 90's here on the east coast.

    Glad to see some west coast video!

  3. Yup - welcome to the Pacific Northwest. Arm and knee warmers in May. I actually started the ride with a rain jacket on as well. Temps were in the 50s and wet. We've had a colder and wetter May then usual.

    It occasionally hits 90 in the summer, but not often. The summers here are perfect - no rain for weeks on end, in the 70s, no humidity - blue skies, puffy clouds and snow capped mountains. That doesn't usually hit until July. Overall though, I really like living here.

    I grew up on the East Coast, one thing I don't miss is 90 degrees and 90% humidity. You get used to it, but man - that's hot.

    I'll try to get some more video posted, it's fun to do. It's all off my small Canon SD970, not an actual video camera - easy to carry though.

    Both you guys - thanks for stopping by. Pretty cool how via the Internet we've become blogger pals.