Monday, May 3, 2010


To kick off the Commuter Challenge that started today, I....uh, drove to work. A nice start to the festivities, no? Woke up super late, drove in to save time - though that plan was foiled by traffic - took me the same amount of time as riding. Plus $8 to park. Nice. That'll teach me.

On the way home however, I was slightly glad to be driving - a rare event. Pouring rain, wind and thundershowers, complete with hail. All with barely 50 degree temps. Joy.

While at work, I attempted to get my commuter team fully registered on the Cascade site - again with no luck. Those dudes have some serious server and application issues. Let's hope it's from a mega amount of people attempting to sign up and killing the server - that would be a valid excuse.

While looking through the Message Boards on the Cascade site, to see how many others are experiencing sign up woes, came across this little story posted by a Cascade club member....

A group of 4 cyclists riding by Mercer Island City Hall were nearly run off the road this morning by an aggressive driver on his way to church. Oh the irony. His license plate was "DO UN2 ME". This occured where the road is three lanes wide; 4 cyclists were riding two abreast by two rows. This minivan pulled alongside our group - almost entirely still in our lane - squeezing the group and nearly causing a crash. He was on the horn the entire time. When I yelled "HEY!!!" he jammed on the brakes like Dr. Christopher Thompson. Moments later, he rolled down his window and pleasant conversation endued.

Be careful out there. This guy almost hurt some people really bad...and couldn't have cared less. Called us "F#cking bicycles", for getting in his way on the way to church. What a messed up world.

The post links to pictures taken by guy who posted the story......

Ironic, no?

Mini van parked out front of church. Now I can see why he was in a hurry - look at the awesome parking spot he scored! Well worth potentially maiming or killing a few cyclists.

I find this story incredulous and annoying on many levels. How can it not? Guy who posted it went on to say he contacted the police and the church. I would have done the same - contact the Pastor of the church and mention this member could use a little talking to. Come on dude, wake up.

In any case, I'm glad no one was hurt, and if you live in the Seattle area - watch out for a silver mini van sporting some personalized plates. Obviously the driver has no idea what the message really means.

Ride safe.


  1. Some of my best rides or on Sunday morning, I actually feel closer to God on my bike than in church. I also have thought it weird that folks going to and from church are some of the most inconsiderate, you think it would be the opposite, go figure. Glad no one was hurt and we know that church has at least one Hypocrite in it's congregation. Be careful out there!

  2. Cyclists impeding Doun2me's rapid progress to church on Sunday are obviously the agents of Satan. "Get thee behind me!"

  3. What Mr Bill said. That guy needs a whack in the head. Deal with that way too often. Glad your posting this, bikers let's stick together.

  4. The dude must be some kind of nut job. Lucky for us, that kind of stupidity is pretty rare in the Seattle area. This really is a bike mecca.

    Yes - to some - bikes are tools of Satan. Hey, there's a club name...."Tools of Satan". I'm sure a club somewhere is already using that name, but most likely on Harleys and not Treks.

  5. 2017/Sept.....He is a nut job, I think he changed his car to a large white van. He told my daughter to watch her back at a garage sale. He did this to a young woman, like he wanted to scare her. I am thinking about alerting the MI police. He is mean, belligerent, and a big bully.