Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cycling Caps, Snow and Pain

Check out this old school, hard core action from the '80s - great footage of Andy Hampsten riding "back in the day". You'll also notice Bob Roll freezing his ass off after crossing the line. That's worth the price of admission alone. These are some tough dudes.

Since I started riding as an (alleged) adult in the '80s, including a bike shop stint at the time - this era looks oh so right to me. Steel frames, no helmets, cycling caps, toe straps - the whole old school shindig. Go back? Nah. Reflect? Oh yeah.

Please note (you'll be tested later): This is the famous stage that launched Hampsten to the Giro victory in '88. The only American to do so.


I noticed this piece of video history on the Competitive Cyclist site - worth a visit.


  1. WoW. That rocked. There was pain cave dwelling going on there. Keep on biking.

  2. Any footage with Bob that I ever have seen, he was hurting. I ran into him at the 99 Sea Otter Classic with his porkchop sideburns.

    Watching that video makes me think of the things that made me catch the cycling bug. The T.V. show Breaking Away, riding my first 50 miles to complete my cycling merit badge on a silver Schwinn 10 speed, and watching the tour. That was the only time that you would see a race on T.V.

    Sure wish they would wear the cycling cap on the podium today instead of a ball cap!

  3. Good point - why the baseball hats on the podium?

    I think I was born with the cycling bug - even dug riding as a kid. There was a few year lapse, then full on interest as an adult, age 23 or so. A lot of motorcycle stuff mixed in as well - dirt and street. For the last few years though, motorcycles are gone.

    Yeah, the '80s Tour coverage on TV was a big deal - the LeMond era. Being the magazine fanatic also kept my interest going - still does. Paper and now online versions. Now with blogs and websites, can contribute to the fun yourself - and both you guys do a great job.

    I met Bob Roll at Moab Fat Tire Festival in 1993. He seemed to be just hanging out and riding. I really like Bob's coverage of the Tour. They outta let 'em run a looser during the coverage - he's damn funny and knows cycling in and out.