Monday, April 27, 2009

Tales From the Burke-Gilman Trail. Birds of a Feather.

Alright - I'm riding home from work today - cruising down the Burke-Gilman Trail.  I see two riders ahead and as I gain on them, noticed one of the riders has this blue box on his back.  It's bigger then a backpack and yes - quite square.

As I get closer, realize it's a bird cage - yes a bird cage - with a yellow Ringneck Parrot inside enjoying the ride.  I recognized the breed because my wife owned the green version at one time.  It had this piercing bird call that would drive you insane, so we gave it away years ago.

As I cruised along side the couple, an older couple - mentioned we owned a similar bird at one time - and out of the 10,000 times (seems like it anyway) I've been on this trail, that's the first pet bird I've seen along for the ride.

Dude with the cage on his back said the bird likes to get out - then the wife chirps in, "Birds are people too".  I bit my New Jersey wise-ass tongue before saying, "Except when they're food", and gave a friendly wave instead.

Why ruin the bike love on a nice afternoon?


  1. Coincidentally, last night I saw a woman walking in my neighborhood with her cat sitting on her shoulders. Maybe they were on their way to yoga class.

  2. Cats were designed to stay home. This way they can deposit hair balls at will.