Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Spring has arrived in the Pacific Northwest - at least temporarily - decent weather doesn't officially arrive until July 5th.  Just kidding - sorta.

Almost 70 degrees on Sunday and Monday, practically a heat wave for this time of year.  Unfortunately, the warm weather and resulting pollen explosion raise havoc with my allergies.  To add to the misery, also my turn for a nasty cold that circulated through the family.  I've been down for the count for two days now.

Until the one, two punch of nasal torture, did squeeze two rides in - which probably didn't help matters.  Still, no way I'm passing up two 70 degree days hiding inside.

Sunday, did a mountain bike cruise through our local woods with my son Ian.  Monday, I commuted to work - usual 34 mile round trip.

Some actual photographic proof....

Scenic shot - complete with cyclone fence - I am the master photographer.  Lake Washington as viewed from the Burke-Gilman trail as it passes through Log Boom Park in Kenmore.  Fence blocks off new restrooms under construction.  To the left, out of view - new playground for the kids.  Bald eagle sightings common near this park. Much of my bike commute looks like this.  I can't complain.

No rain means no fenders.  Old steel Ibis sulks at home, while new carbon Ibis frolics in the sun - powered by skinny, pasty white legs.

Here I blur the camera and senses with impressive speed - even riding one handed, camera recording race winning pass.  Dude never knew what hit him.  I am Dork Boy, hear me roar.

Cooler weather is already here and rain expected tomorrow.  Please resume all normal activities - fenders included.

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