Sunday, April 12, 2009

Indie Series Race # 1. Got Mud?

The 2009 Indie Series kicks off with a mudfest at Seatac North.  Wet sloppy trails as a greeting to this year's series and racers.  My son Ian really enjoyed the series last year and was looking forward to the first event in 2009.  We awoke to pouring rain and I reminded him he doesn't have to do this - nope, he wants to go.

Turns out he had a blast racing in the mud and did great job during his 8 mile race.  I followed him during the race and had a great time myself.  Ian rode smart and didn't crash once in the super slippery conditions - and pulled off a 2nd place finish in the 10 and under Beginner Boys class.

We didn't pre-ride the course and Ian used his head and ran some sections cyclo-cross style instead of risking a crash.  I encouraged him from behind, but gave less pointers then previous races and thought he did a excellent job.  This was a 2 lap event and I considered letting him do the second lap without me, but was having fun myself and kept riding.  On the drive home, Ian mentioned he still feels better having me ride behind him.  No problem there, since I get to see all the action.  It's also great father son time and I hope he has some cool memories down the road from the shared racing experiences.

Only 3 kids total in his class today, so they all score series points. We're using the same plan as last year - race at your own pace, hit as many events as possible, collect points - and have fun.

I did not race myself today, but will do so in some later events.  Hey - somebody needs to be Sport class pack fill - that's my speciality.  We had some family obligations later in the day, so needed to head home. Plus, my spring allergies are still killing me.  I know - excuses, excuses.

Ran into Scotty and Mercedes along with a few others from uBRDO - cool shop in Kirkland run by very nice folks.  They even let Ian and I change out of wet race clothes in their giant Sprinter van.  Much better then standing in a wet field trying to wrestle into dry clothes.  Thanks!

Even with the semi-horrid conditions, we had a really good time. Mountain bike racing rocks.

Wet mud encrusted jeans weigh more then Ian does.  I gotta get him some real bike clothes.

This picture says it all.  Smile and 2nd place medal.

Next event is scheduled for May 3rd, this time at South Seatac park. Ian is psyched for the next race. We're both looking forward it.

Come on out.  You'll be glad you did....

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