Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Danny MacAskill - Holy Crap

This YouTube clip has already been flung around the Bike Blog-O-Sphere and email lists. However, its worth spreading around a little more.

You think you have some technical skills? Think again Bunky. Compared against this kid, Danny MacAskill, you ain't got nothing. If you can top this, feel free to post the proof to YouTube.

Check it out - an amazing mix of observed trials and BMX moves fused together. Incredibly impressive.

For whatever reason, I can't get the clip to post into my blog. Technology is evil.

Click to view directly from YouTube:

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dan,

    i was soooo amazed when i saw this guy doing his things, wonder how many broken bones he had in the past ;)

    could you please send me an email?
    Basads at gmail dot com
    for some reason we are not able to send an email trough .blogspot