Tuesday, September 16, 2014

StarCrossed 2014

Hit the annual StarCrossed event over the weekend for some 'cross spectating and photo snapping action.  Been a few years since the last visit, this being a cool stop on the Pacific Northwest cyclocross calendar.  Usually a big crowd, big names, beer garden, cowbells, and noise a plenty.

Racing throughout the day with the elite level Boys 'N' Girls hitting the course under the lights - velodrome lights - at Marymoor Park in Redmond.  That be Washington, as in the USA.  We arrived just before the start of Elite Women's gig at 7:00 PM.  Crowd seemed smaller then previous years - parked in the velodrome lot itself - not the field overflow.  First time for that.

In any case, event run by the fine folks at MFG Cyclocross, so all went well - with a decent amount of spectators heckling, handing out dough and beer to the racers.  Cyclocross is always a good scene.  (Ex) Racer Boy (son Ian), hasn't raced 'cross in two years - so cool to run into some former teammates and other folks at the race.

Setting sun, darkness and artificial light on the photography front.  I still don't own a flash unit, so goofed around with various ISO and other settings.  Some photos a bit grainy and play with the blur.  All good fun though, been awhile since I've shot a 'cross race…

Setting sun and rising dust.

RCR Pan 'N' Blur.  RCR for Recycled Cycles Racing, as sponsored by Recycled Cycles in Seattle.  Good folks there, I know the owner a bit via the school team I coached a few seasons ago, his son on the team.

Barrier a go go.

King of Cyclocross handing out the dough.

Sprint past the beer garden.

Full tilt boogie.

RCR Pan 'N' Blur Part II.

Full flight.


Smile, you're on Candid Camera.

111 = Go Go Go.

Jump into the party.

Barrier action in progress.

Beards make you faster.

Evan in action, fast high school kid in his first elite level race.  Teammates with my son back in the JL Velo days.

Theo, another fast kid and former teammate.  After being away for a season or two, cool to see these kids mature and become seriously fast.

Infield of the velodrome turned into 'cross course - including the surrounding areas and parking lots for more terrain.

Into the mayhem.

Pavement to dirt transition shortly.

Cyclocross ain't easy.

Not a bad night out, all good clean fun.  I don't even remember who won - lame, eh?  Soaking up the scene, chatting with folks, shooting pics, and some Father 'N' Son time included.  Bonus.

As the night ended, I asked Ian if he missed racing cyclocross.  At the moment no, seeing folks in action reminding him how hard it can be. That indeed be true.  For now, some recreational mountain biking is enough.  If he's happy, I'm happy.  Any time spent on two wheels is good...

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