Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Edmonds Classic Car Show

A few weekends ago, first ever visit to the Edmonds Classic Car Show - ironically located in Edmonds, Washington.  Bigger then expected, warm September day, shot some pics, and grabbed some lunch. Certainly there are worse ways to spend an afternoon outside.

Various pics and rambling comments…

Very red De Tomaso Pantera rests curbside. I'd dig one of these for sure, wouldn't you?

BMW 2002 looking vintage euro.

1931 didn't look like this. 

Very purple GTX.

This bus comes up a little short.

Well done classic hot rod.

Impressively nice Porsche 356.  I have a serious hankering for one these.  Please send money.

Hot Rod Alley.

That be orange.

AMC Javelin.  Don't see one of those everyday.

Highlight of the show for me was the collection of vintage dragsters on display.  Looking at these rigs up close a reminder of how far safety has improved over the years.  Peering into the cockpit of the these old school dragsters was quite the eye opener.  Incredibly tight, rear differential literally in your crotch, legs over the rear axle, spinning slicks on both sides of your head, monster motor in your face, headers aiming in your direction.  Amazing, cool, and scary at the same time.

Speaking of headers aiming in your direction, they started these beasts for all to hear.  Impressively loud, even with fingers in ears for protection.  Seeing all this up close, I'd like to hit some vintage drag racing events in the future.  I'm not even the big drag racing fan.  Cool stuff.

Well done Bug with much modified motor, note the side exhaust.

Lowrider bike.  My next ride?

Add another fantastic 356 to the mix.

Old school hot rod.

1997 wasn't all that long ago.  Or maybe I'm just old.

That's just a sample of the many cars on display.  Nice event with downtown Edmonds spots to eat and Puget Sound views as the added bonus.  And with that, I now officially end this post.  Until next time…

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