Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fat Chance is Back - Hello and Good Bye

The bicycle interwebs are a buzzin' with news that Fat Chance is back in action, Chris Chance at the helm.  How cool is that?  Fat Chance still fresh enough - and missed enough - that a launch of new bikes could be successful.  I'd hope so anyway.

Details are sketchy, with mention of Yo Eddy staging a comeback.  The new website features a polling option on what people want see in the returning model.  Vote early, vote often, operators are standing by.  Also appears to be proof the return currently in the early stages.

Me?  I'd vote for the steel hardtail with modern geometry to run a 140mm suspension fork and dropper post, 27.5 wheels, old school colors and graphics.  Bit of old school and new school combo.  Yes please.  Curious to see what develops in the next few months.  My guess is the niche batch of frames to start, manufactured by a higher end US builder.  Time will tell.

Ironically, after 20+ years of ownership, I just sold my Yo Eddy.  Bike was boxed and ready to ship to the new owner, while I read of the Fat Chance relaunch on Facebook.  Mixed feelings about that chain of events.  A deal is a deal however, PayPal account already sporting the transfer of dough.

Freshly washed before the official boxing ceremony.

To add the irony, my Yo Eddy then spotted on the new Fat Chance site, plucked from a Facebook post.  Super cool to see it there...

Bike sold to recoup funds used to supply son Ian with his new rig.  And that's okay.  I'd rather spent time riding with him, then hold on to some old bikes - even my Fat - as its been collecting dust for a few years.  I sold the bike via the FatCogs forum and hope the new owner in Maine is happy with it.  In any case, I also have my '86 Fat Chance that I've owned since new, so still officially in the cult.

As the old school Fat City fan, cool to see Chris Chance involved in the industry once again.  Who knows, maybe this was fate and I'll replace my vintage Yo Eddy with the new modern Yo Eddy.

That story would bring it all full circle with a cosmic spin of knobby tires...

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