Saturday, October 18, 2014

SOVREN Pacific Northwest Historics 2014

In my quest to keep folks updated with the latest breaking news, I now present some shots I grabbed last July.  Yes, the Internet sometimes moves at glacial speeds, especially with me at the controls.

Okay then, I attended the SOVREN Pacific Northwest Historics one afternoon of the three day shindig held over July 4th weekend.  I've hit this event at least three times now, if aging memory serves me correct.  Always a cool collection of vintage race cars to watch in action buzzing the road course at Pacific Raceways.  Total access in the pit area as the added bonus to view cars close up, and chat with folks about 'em.  A good day out for sure.

Without further ado, a sample of the Pile-O-Pics I shot wandering about under the summer sun...

BMW 2002 spotted in the pit area.  Usual BMW 2002 look at the nose, hatchback at the rear - which I've never seen before.  Either it's rare or I just need to get out more.

Levitating Lola.

Minty green BRP that I've spotted at previous SOVREN events.  Certainly worth a revisit.

I've also seen this car previously.  Wasn't sure exactly what it was then and still don't now.  Guess I'm a slow learner.  Great era for race cars however.

Add this to my collection of don't know what it is.  What I do know, is that it looks fantastic - as do many vintage era racers.

Fiat Brava on display, catching my old school Fiat eye.  I owned a succession of used Fiats in the '80s - including a Fiat 131 - similar model before the Brava.

Vintage Kellison, not exactly something you see everyday.

My pal Dave's '60s Datsun Roadster.  Unrestored and the occasional driver.  Dave offered to let me pilot around the road course during the lunch hour parade lap.  Cool fun and added to the day.

Caution:  Series of Pan 'N' Blur photos from the same track location, boredom or drowsiness may occur...

Formula 5000 racer in action.  But you already knew that.

Minty BRP previously spotted static in pits, now in combat.

Unknown yellow car previously spotted static in pits, now in combat.

We now interrupt the Pan 'N' Blur series for this cool VW bus, complete with Safari windows.

The Ford Mustang was the featured marque for this years event, with many nice examples circulating the track at speed.

The words fast and Studebaker don't often go together.  Exception shown here.

Very cool Ford GT in flight.

Race prepped Jaguar graces the course.

Formula V rests in pit area.  V for Volkswagen, the beam front suspension giving it away.

Twin BMW 2002s or double vision in progress.

Alfa Romeo red under white.

Clean Porsche 911 beams from the pits.

Lotus Super 7, bare bones as it gets - almost like a 4 wheeled motorcycle.  I've always wanted one.

Assembly required.

Take your protein pill and put your helmet on.

That be red.  That be a 911.  That be nice.

Air filters optional.

Corvette poaches the Ferrari camp.

Alfa Romeo in Gulf racing colors.

Red Alfa and red backdrop.  Momma mia.

Race prepped Fiat 124 Coupe.  Don't see that everyday.

1966 Marcos.  Interesting car, complete with plywood chassis.  Yes, plywood.

Full race Volvo.  Stickers as proof.

Bug eye blue.

Formula V waiting to roll.

Modern Ford GT looking splendid.  I'd take one, please send money.

Wink and a smile.

Gaggle of Mustangs on display.

Super clean 2002 spotting in parking lot.

Race prepped - or at least sticker'd out - Mercury Cougar.

Nicely done VW bug to ponder.

Serious looking Porsche 914.  I'd dig one of the these.

Very clean 911 in parking lot wishes me farewell.

And with that, my day at Pacific Raceways ended.  Previous SOVREN events had me attempting to grab more race action pics.  This year my visit was a bit shorter and I mostly just cruised the pit area.  Even so, I do enjoy this event and pencil it in for every July.

I suggest you do the same…

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