Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tiger Mountain - Trail Building "Mockumentary"

Nicely done video showing off recent trail work on Tiger Mountain, a local riding spot here in the Seattle area.  The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, along with an army of volunteers, have been at work creating new trails at this well used and popular location.  Very cool to see and I'm looking forward to checking these out on two wheels.

Another video of new trail finished last summer.  I've yet to ride this, will do so this spring.  Some of the trails at Tiger Mountain close during the winter to reduce damage, though really not necessary with recent maintenance and modern trail building methods.  That debate continues.

I've ridden Tiger Mountain many times over the years, quite a bit in the '90s - then a gap of a few years - and now plenty of times with son Ian. It's a Seattle area classic with a decent climb to the top, then really fun trails to descend.  Yup, plenty of people ride Tiger and for a good reason - it rocks.

Thanks to the crew at Evergreen and all the volunteers involved to keep this place flowing.  Great job.

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