Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

As of today, I'm now over half a century old - scary, eh?  51 years young and counting.  Pretty quiet birthday, especially compared to last year. This year celebrated by sleeping until 11:30 AM, followed by a breakfast/lunch at the local pancake house with the family.  Big pile of potato pancakes and side of bacon, thank you very much.  A round of miniature golf - daughter Amy digs that - to help the digestion (burp).

As the sun sets, a shared ride with son Ian, who requested a road ride - being Mr. Dirt - quite the rare event.  I think watching the Tour over the last few days has taken effect.  I dusted off his 'cross bike, not touched since 'cross season ended last December.  Being the rapidly growing (almost) 13 year old, the little Redline now too small for him.  I cranked the seatpost up as far as possible and slammed the saddle back on the rails.  Still about two inches too low, close enough for a quick cruise.  I also stole the old school Ritchey 28c tires from my RB-1 and swapped out the 'cross tires for something smoother.

We hit the Sammamish River Trail and headed towards Woodinville, Ian riding 17 - 21 mph with no problem, looking like a mini-pro.  Cool.  At one point, ran into Bill, one of the Old Guy Ride regulars, getting in some road miles.  Wished me a happy birthday and his age came up, being 61 years old.  Bikes are the fountain of youth, no doubt about that.  Bill mentioned recently doing a ride with a well riding 71 year old.  Awesome.

Ride done, about 20 miles total, head home to late dinner.  Wife Lori had the spread on the table ready, including chocolate cake for dessert.

Not a bad way to turn 51 - here's to many more years and rides...


  1. Happy 51! From Ian's bike it looks as he is as tall as you. Looking forward to the new cross bike purchase for the fall.

  2. Sounds like a Happy Birthday!

  3. Thanks all. Not a bad day...

    Yeah, I'm almost 5'11" and Ian is about 3" shorter then me. I usually ride a 56cm road bike, though my Ibis pictured above is sold as a 55cm. Top tube length is 56.5cm however, so feels like a 56cm to me.

    Ian's Redline is sold as a 44cm, though with the sloping top tube, fits bigger then that. In any case, too small for him now. Plan is to score him a bigger 'cross frame/fork soon, then transfer his SRAM Rival/wheels/etc over. I have a few frame ideas in the works.