Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bike Commute Stalled - Rock Commences

All kind of quiet on the blog front, been pretty swamped at work and home.  Started a new job this week - same company, different area - so lots of head filling with new knowledge and faces.  Changing things up occasionally is a good thing and the extra dough is much needed.

Bike commuting has totally fallen off the map, new job also means different building, now deeper into downtown Seattle.  Bike pal at work showed me the bike rooms and other logistics a few days ago.  Will get my commuting story configured out soon, driving daily is too expensive and a total waste of time.

There is a bright side however, been hitting the local trails on the mountain bike after work.  The long June days much appreciated, light almost until 10:00 PM, as long as the cloudy Northwest scenario stays away.

With that - a little rock to end this post, courtesy of a pal's band practice session.  I dig what they're doing, video as proof (not shot by me), it builds nicely at the end.  Give it a go.

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