Sunday, November 20, 2011

MFG Cyclocross Series Race # 6 - The Final Countdown

I'm officially late with Cross-O-Report blog action. Real life interrupts. We hit the last of the MFG series a week ago. Let's see what my feeble brain can remember...

Cool event, great venue being Woodland Park right in Seattle. Quite the crowd spectating and racing. Heard the announcer mention 950 adult and junior racers, along with 75 in the kiddie race. That's over 1000 people pounding the pedals. Very impressive. Cyclocross just gets bigger and bigger, with more folks enjoying the scene. And a scene it is.

Racer Boy Ian had a good time, said it was his favorite course of the series, even if he finished way down in the standings for the day. However, after the final tally, scored 4th overall in the series for Junior Boys 13 - 14. Awesome!

Entered, competed, and did his best in all six races. Final points add up to 4th place overall. I'm proud of him. Bike racin' ain't easy. Great job.

My lazy ass competed in two races of the series, with completely lame results. Sad, but true, but fun. Ian is the real racer of the family.

Some views and notes from the day...

Cool little video - not mine - gives you a glimpse of the action.

Some pics from me. Clickin' on 'em will score you a bigger view...

Jarrett, Ian, and Luke. All awkward smiles and teammates.

Henry and Ian at the start.

Jarrett/Ian helmet/mind meld.

Lined up for action. Big fields were the order of the day.

Jarrett leads the train. Took 2nd place for the day and 1st overall in the series for Junior Boys 13 - 14. Fantastic work. JL Velo took 1st through 4th in that class. Nice job to all.

Teammate Emma rounds a corner. Girl racers rock. Emma won the Junior Girls 13 - 14 class for the day and 4th over all for the series. She and Ian battled the whole race, with Emma pulling away at the end. Fast girl.

Ian, flat back, in the drops styling.

Go, Ian, Go!

Teammate Matt in action. 3rd place for the day and 3rd overall in the series, for Junior Boys 10 - 12. Awesome.

This woman raced every event for Team Soft Like a Kitten. Slow, steady, to the cheers of all. A diverse crowd makes up the 'cross scene. Part of the deal that makes it so damn cool.

One of the run ups, including log at the top. Scott, winner of the Junior Boys 13-14 class for the day, rides the entire section including the stairs not shown. Teammate Luke runs behind in chase.

Beginner Men's class is cut off shorts, platform pedals, sneakers - and crashes.

If this dude lost his front reflector, he'd be styling...

Ian attacks the run up. Look at his face, he's working it. That's my boy...

Mountain bike, 'cross bike - doesn't matter. Just do it.

Jarrett rounds a corner. One of my favorite pics of the day.

Luke sprints for the line in a sea of faces. Luke scored the 8th place finish for the day and 8th overall in the series. That be for the Junior Boys 15 - 16 division. Nice kid and solid work.

Rad Racing juniors at the finish.

MFG folks - thanks for a great series.

Teammate Emma sprints for the finish.

Ian in a blur of action, goes for the line.

Post race thoughts.

The kiddie racers go at it, smiles all around...

...well, for most.

Team space heater, an unsung hero. Having a central meeting place has been really cool this year. Shared warm ups, conversation, food, and cheering.

Faces of 'cross.

The 'cross scene rocks.

Single speed mating ritual. First time caught on film.

With that, another MFG series draws to a close. Third MFG series for Ian, first series racing on a team. As with most bike racing experiences - all good - especially for 12 year old Ian. I got out there a little myself, expected to do more, but had a blast watching Ian and snapping pictures. Cyclocross is a fantastic way to race bikes for many types of riders. If you've never raced and have pondered the thought, just give it a go.

The 'cross season isn't completely over. A few races remain on the Seattle series calendar, as well as the state championship in December. I suspect we'll be at a few more events before it all officially ends.


  1. Thanks. Some "race reports" and pics are better then others. They all sorta blur together at this point...