Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ritchey P-29er

Caught wind of this in a recent mag, so headed over to the Ritchey site for more info. How sweet it is. New Ritchey 29er in the paint scheme of the famed P-21 and P-23 bikes of yesteryear. Bit of old school, bit of new school, bit of pretty damn cool. Steel of course. I could live without the complicated "Hey, maybe I'll run singlespeed someday" dropouts. But hey, who am I to judge? I'd still take one of these frames in a second.

The 29er hardtail deal pushes all my buttons. Harks back to the 26" wheel hardtails of my formative years, but ride oh so much nicer - partly due to the wheels, partly due to the modern suspension fork. Now add in the old school Ritchey logo and tri-color paint. Yes please.


  1. When I saw this about a month ago I said I have to have one. But with the price of the frame @ $900 why not good just a little bit more and get custom.

    But it is still a cool looking ride and I wanted one back-in-the-day so bad!

  2. You're right on that. Not much more will get you a custom USA made steel frame - made to order.

    And you could even have it painted in the same paint scheme...

  3. What custom builders are selling for 'not much more' than $900 bucks for a decent steel frame? Most custom builders start at $1400. So that's another $500, hardly 'not much more' to me.

  4. Yeah - you do have a point. Custom steel frames are at least $500 more, a tidy sum of dough.

    I guess when you consider it would be custom fitted to you, with options like fender mounts, pump peg, etc - plus whatever color you desired - the extra $500 seems reasonable.

    But sure, still $500. A large chunk of dough from most folks - me included.