Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bike Riding Robots Attack

Techno overkill project, but kinda cool. Call the neighbors, wake the kids - an actual bike riding robot. How much time did this take to develop and construct? Plenty, I'm sure.

What's more amazing is how the human body does this with nuances a robot could never match. Subtle and not so subtle input to remain upright, especially riding off road. Let's see a robot do this...

Okay, give robot designer dude a few more years, and little mechanical freaks will be ripping it with the best of 'em. Even so, I'll take the robot's place every time. Would you rather be in the saddle or running a controller behind the snow fence?

And what if these crazed robots get outta control? It be like two wheeled Godzillas terrorizing motorists far and near...

Start training now. Outrun the robots while you can. You've been warned...

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