Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

First ride and post of the new year. Happy 2011. Nothing epic, just a quick spin through the local woods right before darkness hit. After plenty of rain, a bit of a cold snap here in the Seattle area - below freezing temps, but clear skies for the last few days. The ground is f-f-f-frozen like a rock, with patches of crystal ice everywhere. Super fast conditions - like riding on pavement.

I was in cruise mode for the first half of the ride, with Ian actually loosing me on a twisty downhill section. He has these trails wired and can cruise pretty quick at times for 11 years old. Even with the icy patches only one crash today, performed by Ian, as he attempted a elevated log skinny - coated with ice. Boom, slow speed crash - no problem. Those Fox knee/shin guards have paid for themselves many times over.

Some friendly runners grab a shot of Ian and I during our official Clif Bar stop. We stop at this spot every ride for a rest and a little chocolate flavored boost. Good excuse for some father/son chat time as well.

Local school yard covered with ice crystals, requiring a quick detour to crunch through with fat tires.

Don't fence me in, man.

Nothing earth shattering or mind pondering to report. Just chalk up another pleasant ride on our local singletrack. Some close by afternoon adventure by bike. Many more to follow. Adios for now.


  1. It always warms my heart to see how you and Ian enjoy biking together, I raised my two boys as a single parent, I know how precious something like that is.

  2. It is a cool thing and I'm enjoying while I can - since he's still interested in riding - will keep it going as long as it lasts.

    My daughter, now 7 years old is dabbling a bit, but not super interested. If her interest in riding develops - cool. If not - that's cool too.

    Raising kids as a single parent - not easy and I give you a ton of credit. I know a few others that have done it as well.

    We're fortunate to have my wife be the stay at home mom and even then, things get loopy time wise. I have no clue how single parents, or two parents who work a lot of hours, pull it off.

    When it comes down to it, the childhood era is pretty short and goes by fast. Gotta do what you can while they're young.

  3. Thanks for sharing this very precious father and son time with us. It's so nice to see. Enjoy!

  4. Good times, good for you and Ian, memories made to last forever.

  5. Saw your comment on Bike 2.0 and came upon your blog this morning. I am very new at blogging so let me know if using the cyclocross video is ok. Would like to say it is great to have a son who is biking. We pretty much are urban riders all year long. Son just took off on Rollo to head for school. So Dan the things we share with our family are the most dear. I'll have to check your blog again.
    Dom F

  6. Yes - riding/racing with your kids is the coolest thing ever.

    @Dom F - Good luck with your blog. Blogging is fun and a great way to expressive yourself, share info, etc. Using the 'cross video is not a problem. That video was pulled from YouTube and you'll discover, the same video at times will make the rounds among various bike bloggers.