Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tainted Beef - Tainted Tour

I heard the news yesterday - yet another lame slap in the face for pro cycling. All of this has gone beyond comical now. I’m even losing interest in the Tour. I may start watching pro wrestling instead.

If true, great – caught as he should have been. If so, I still can’t believe they take these chances doping at this level. Then again, maybe not so surprising. My gut tells me these guys can’t compete at that level without something extra, and plenty of pros still do it. I hope that’s not the case. If they did cheat and get caught, they should fess up and admit it – like David Miller – who still has respect with fans (maybe even more so). That’s better then the other crazy excuses over the years: Tainted meat, drugs meant for other people, was
thinking about doing it, the beer I drank, unborn twin – the crazy list goes on.

I read today the one year ban for Contador is not finalized – don’t know what that means. I thought it was a two year ban for doping. Schleck said he won’t consider himself the ‘10 Tour winner – Contador won – and he wants to beat him on the road in 2011. “Winning” the Tour after something like this leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth – just an all around lame situation.

Unfortunately, I think Floyd Landis is correct – despite his whacked out method of crazy accusations and finger pointing – which kills his credibility. Same with LeMond, who gets shouted down as the cranky, bitter guy – though I think that’s a bad rap. It may eventually turn out they were correct all along. Or things will continue as usual, with certain pros getting bagged occasionally. If the UCI or whoever is checking the test tubes is wrong, that’s another story. But you would think those folks would be 110% confident in their findings before pulling such a heavy trigger.

Even Sir Lance has once again been put under the microscope with the recent federal investigation. If something is proven, catching Lance would be like taking down Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Ugly indeed.


  1. "Unborn twin & catching Lance would be like taking down Santa Claus on Christmas Eve". As funny as those statements are the subject is not.

    Cycling, racing and pro racing just lacks here in the U.S. and all we get to see on t.v. are just some of the classics. I would love to see a clean race and I would love to see American owned teams leading the way in this effort.

    You would think that the governing body could get their hands on this issue.

    Still after all the pro's that pop-hot I would still want to watch a race than any other mainstream sport!

  2. Contador is an ass. I can't say I'm surprised.

    This will continue until the bans for cheating become lifetime. Contador should never be on a UCI ProTour team again.

  3. @Bikewright - The "unborn twin" was Tyler Hamilton's excuse after getting caught for blood doping. Claimed his blood may contain traces of other blood, due being in the womb with an "unborn twin". Huh, yeah.

    @Utahdog - I'm not really a Contador fan either. At the press conference today, he vowed to fight to clear his name - with the backing of Riis - otherwise known as "Mr. 60%" during is racing days: referring to his hematocrit level.

    You honestly don't know who to believe. Contador said he's passed 500 controls in his career. Lance is probably at that number as well. These guys are really good at cheating, the controls are off, or who knows what.

    Still, other pros get caught. Like this guy:

    As you mentioned, this probably won't stop until lifetime bans are issued. Even then, I'd bet people still get caught.