Saturday, July 3, 2010

Duthie Revisit - Lance #8?

Another visit to Duthie Mountain Bike Park today, as per son Ian's request. He really likes riding the place, as do other kids - as witnessed by the number of 'em spotted there. I've never seen a place so populated by young mountain bikers. That is always a good scene.

Our neighbors met us there for the ride as well - first visit for them. They dug it big time, since they're more into the downhill deal, with may trips to Whistler under their belts. They declared Duthie as a great Whistler warm up. Neighbor Dan at 55 years old, more of the recreational rider type - super nice guy also. His son, Seth, all of 20 years old, rides the full downhill/freeride rig. He nailed a few nice big drops at the park today.

Ian, who turns 11 very soon, really likes the flow type downhill trails - especially the bermed sections. At times, he'll get a little ahead on the tighter, faster corners, and actually lose me for a bit. How cool is that? As we both age, he'll get faster, I'll get slower. Eventually, he'll kick my ass. I give that just a few short years. That's okay with me.

So far, no jumping for him - he rolls over most everything - and that's fine with me - and our health insurance coverage. Jumper I am not, so I roll the jumps as well. I'll occasionally get a little air, but nothing like actual downhill types.

Here we watch Unknown Dude nail some Duthie jumps

Earlier today, I watched the Tour Prologue on Verses - first day of the Tour - as in de France. Pretty cool that Lance grabs 4th place overall - nice. Like Lance or not, he is a Tour icon with 7 Tour wins, and he adds some excitement to the race. The recent doping allegations by Floyd Landis dampen some of the myth - if true. Until proven true, if ever - I'll enjoy watching Lance in his final Tour. This should be an interesting Tour, I'm looking forward to see how it all pans out.

Watching the fastest pros in the world is fun. Riding for real with people you care about - even more fun.


  1. Awesome, Ian and dad enjoy'n the rid'n.
    Yeap, I am hooked on the tour. It's going to be interesting. I must confess, I am a Lance fan.

  2. Duthie looks like it has a little bit of everything for everyone!

    Looks like the first 2 stages are taking it's toll on some of the riders. I wonder how will stage 3 go for them with the cobble stones!!

  3. The Duthie park is pretty cool - especially for kids. The singletrack sections are short, but you can link 'em together and shoot 'em a few times - a fun place to spend an afternoon.

    Tour Stage 2 was pretty wild - only caught the end on Verses. At first I though the protest finish was a little lame. After reading the online reports later, it seemed to be a true mess - many crashes involving the favorites. I'll catch the expanded coverage (with insane amount of commercials) later tonight.