Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Tour - Stages 2 and 3

Yeah, Crashes-O-Plenty for Stage 2. At first I though the protest finish was a little lame.

Then after looking at it from the aspect of most of the favorites went down – Tour tradition is about the strongest rider winning – not being taken out by a crash. Okay, now I see it. Sort of large scale Lance and Jan scenario, back when they repaid each other after crashing out in previous Tours, and actually waiting for each other.

Then I heard Levi Leipheimer's post race interview about what mayhem it was – granted I'm sure – but then complaints about the team directors losing contact, having no TVs, so they didn’t know what was happening. That twisted my thinking back to its a race – screw the electronics – and get on with it.

All is okay though after watching Stage 3. Kick ass, tough stage – the real deal. Should cobbles be in a Tour stage? Hell, yes. Adds some drama and excitement. Do I want to see people get hurt? Of course not – but that’s part of the game. Too bad for Frank Schleck – that sucks, but part of the racing deal. Busted collarbones are never fun.

I don’t know why people assumed Contrador would fall apart over some cobbles. The dude is pro and lives on his bike. Gotta admit Lance looked bad ass – covered in dirt and bandages – flying through the race traffic, catching back up after the flat. Cool stuff.

Man, the Tour rocks…..

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  1. The tour is rock'n the greatest show on earth.