Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Tour - Rock On

As I'm riding to work today, while sitting at red light in downtown Seattle - this woman to left of me standing on the sidewalk, waiting to cross the street - sees me in my full Euro Geek regalia and yells out "When does the Tour de France start?"

As the light changes, I yell back "July 3rd, Saturday". And with that, she punches the air and yells out "Rock on !!"

Yes, rock on indeed.


  1. Yes, I will be watching Thee Tour as much as I can. It's a training tool for me. Inspiring.

    O, and yes, Pelicans in Iowa. They never used to be here like that. Now there are all kinds of them. I was told for what ever reason they changed their flight pattern. They are quite a sight with huge wing spans.

  2. All Hale to the Tour! That's about 4 hours over the next couple of days that I wont be productive. Oh well it's cycling on TV and we don't get much of that here!!!