Saturday, July 10, 2010

Amy Rides On

Daughter Amy, all of 6 years old, is getting more interested in riding her bike. She graduated to removing the training wheels a few months ago, but only occasionally asked to ride her bike since. Over the last week or so, she's been dragging out her incredibly small pink Specialized and riding up and down our quiet street, lap after lap. Bike is too small now, but she rides it anyway. The old school Schwinn we uncrated a few weeks ago is too big and heavy for her at the moment.

Today, our neighbor loaned us a bike that fits her perfect - a 16" wheel Trek Jet. It's actually my son Ian's first bike that he learned to ride on. I gave the bike to my neighbor a few years ago, for their son to ride. He's since outgrown it, so now Amy is riding it. Very cool to see kid number 3 on the little Trek now. That will eventually turn into kid number 4 when the neighbor's youngest son grows into it. Thanks Trek for providing a quality kids bike.

Amy is now asking to ride on the Burke-Gilman Trail with me and I think she's ready to roll on a real ride. That'll happen soon and if she's interested, maybe she'll follow in Ian's footsteps (pedal strokes?) and hit some singletrack with us one day. That would be amazing.

Above, official blurry cell phone shot of Amy peeling into a corner like a pro. Go Amy go.

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