Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Legends Inspire

I caught this story on the VeloNews site - one of my favorite sites and print magazine as well - race report on the Tamarancho Dirt Classic, recently held in Marin County, the birthplace of mountain biking as we know it today.

I've never heard of this race, but certainly some of the people who competed you've heard of - well, if you're an old school mountain biker like me - you have for sure. Hit VeloNews for the full story. I really enjoyed it, so took the liberty of posting a few pictures here....

Joe Breeze, mountain bike pioneer and one of the dudes who helped kick off the whole mountain bike scene. From making custom frames, to racing Repack, to starting his own bike company, to pushing the bicycle transportation agenda. I don't know exactly how old Joe is, but he's certainly not a kid anymore. Here, Joe is styling in the Masters class aboard one of his latest mountain bikes. Joe Breeze is someone I'd dig sharing a ride or a meal with - always comes across as the super nice guy in any interview that I've come across. Combine that with what he's contributed to the bike world, would be some cool conversation for sure.

Ned Overend, what can you say? A living legend. Here, Ned pounds it out in the Pro class at 55 years old. That my friends is pretty freaking incredible. To be competitive at the Pro level at 55 is just plain unbelievable. Plus, again - another super nice dude. Awesome. A true legend and role model for cycling.

Otis Guy rocking the bar ends in the Masters class. Otis is another mountain bike pioneer from the early days of mountain biking. His custom frames for that crazy Softride beam stand out in my mind, from "Back in the day". He still makes custom frames as well as being a fireman. Dude, check out those arms. Is he a mountain bike racer or a boxer?

Reading about these guys still racing and riding made my day. It also inspires me to some extent. If these guys can still crank it at this level, at their age, I can drag my sorry ass out of bed to ride to work, plus suffer in the occasional mountain bike race - all in the name of fun. It's also a reminder that cycling is a lifetime sport. Oh, and what a life it is.

Ride on.....and race on.


  1. Mr Joe Breeze was born the same year as me. 1953. And yes you are right, not kid anymore. :)
    These guys certainly inspire.

  2. I was born in '61, so you're not all that far behind me....

  3. Does AARP give discounts on race bikes?.....