Saturday, June 5, 2010

This is Flow

After my last post, the longboard skateboarding deal is still on my mind. Check out this nicely edited video of a long, fast, stylish cruise. No death metal soundtrack or jumping tricks required. Make no mistake though, this dude is flying. Notice the sliding technique for corning. Man, that's cool.

Alright, we'll return to our normal bicycle programing tomorrow.....


  1. WoW, that is flow, it's all part of the rush us "riders" like. I can't help but think, ouch!! when the hide slides.

  2. Man what skill! That's something that I like to watch and can understand why they do it.

    I learned a long time ago that there are things I just don't do. Stick something in a wall socket, touch a hot iron and ride a skateboard.

    Me + skateboard=xray

  3. I broke my wrist on a skateboard many, many years ago.

    I could never do what the guy is doing in the video - but get a kick out of watching it.

    Once the board gets above running speed - time for me to jump off.