Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Time rolls on and 2010 is officially here. "2010" sounds like we should be flying personal hovercrafts and eating protein pills instead of cheese burgers. Ground control to Major Tom.....

First of the new year is also a call to arms to end my holiday riding slump. I did so with an hour slog on the indoor trainer, the 9:00 through 10:00 PM shift, time punch clock not required.

As usual, iPod set to shuffle to make the hour seems just a touch less painful. Highlight of the hour long blitz of tunes - The Hives. Great song, cool video - who knew Swedish dudes could rock......

As the new year rolls in, it also marks the 1 year anniversary of this little ol' blog. It's been a fun project and I get a kick out of doing it. It doesn't exactly pull in the numbers Bike Snob NYC or Fat Cyclist do, but I wasn't expecting that. I wasn't really expecting anything - just an outlet to write to bike related fluff - like the other zillion similar blogs out there.

According to Google Analytics, I get about 700 visitors a month and almost 2000 page views. I find that amazing, along with checking out what areas the hits come from - all over the US and many other countries. The power of the Internet. Just knowing that anyone reads my fluff is flattering.

It's all been really cool. I've received positive comments and connected with other bike crazed nuts from around the world. I've become a fan of this whole social media aspect of the Internet in the process - blogs, facebook, personal websites and the like. It's great stuff and makes things possible that weren't even imagined not long ago.

Happy New Year to everyone out there in Internet land. Thanks for reading and keep on riding.


  1. Happy New Year to you! I hope all your bike dreams come true this year!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Good luck to you and the uBRDO crew in 2010.

    My bike "dreams" are pretty low key. Continue to commute as much as possible. Enter a few mountain and 'cross races. Keep riding with my son and assist him with racing as well.

    Some new bikes would be cool - not sure that's gonna happen though...