Monday, January 11, 2010

Fat Chance Forever?

Considering how much time I spend on the Internet and being the Fat fan, you'd think I've found most everything Fat related on the web. Apparently not so.

As proof - a few links and pictures I dug up while doing some Internet cruising tonight. Instead wasting time staring at a computer screen, I should be suffering on the trainer in the garage. Does looking at bikes still qualify as "training"?

In January, I think so.....

Some nice pics and story on the Fat pictured below at Check it out for more views of the Yo Eddy, before and after the restoration. The site appears to have been set up quite awhile ago, still worth a visit.

The site above also included links to a few other Fat related sites, including this German site dedicated to Fat City Cycles - that's been idling in cyberspace for 10+ years, since it refers to the last rendition of Fat City when it was located in Vermont - and still in business. You can find the pics below and other Fat related info at FATFANS.DE. Yes, that's Chris Chance manning the torch. If you're a Fat fan, worth a visit for sure.

Finally, something up to date. Groovy Cycleworks did the frame restore of the Yo Eddy frame at the top of the list. They also offer frame decals, bearing replacements, and replica Yo Eddy forks. Besides keeping old Fat frames flying, they also build some pretty - uh, groovy frames themselves. Looks like a cool frame building operation. I plan to cruise back there to check out all their stuff.

It's amazing that long after it's demise, Fat City Cycles still lives in the hearts of old school mountain bikers everywhere. Not many companies, bike or whatever related, can claim that kind of interest, loyalty and remembrance.

Fat City......R.I.P.


  1. Here I sit myself, Dave the internet junkie searching the web, thinking I should get down in the basement and ride the rollers. Hmmm, what to do? what to do? :-)

  2. All too easy to spend hours clicking from one link to the next. When it comes down to it, the Internet has replaced TV for me.

    I guess that's good and bad....

  3. Thanks for share that FAT link. I really like what that guy did with that bike. It looks better after the resto.