Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cold Commute and Various Rambling

A balmy 23 degrees as I set off for work yesterday morning and not much warmer for the ride home. The cold clear weather reminds of winter back east, where I grew up. With the right clothes and looking out for ice patches, not bad and kind of fun in a "survival" way.

Yeah, folks in the midwest or other cold climates are probably thinking, "Big deal, 23 degrees". True, but it doesn't get that cold here often in the Seattle area - so, bit of shock at first. Cold weather is supposed to continue for a few more days, so I'll revisit my east coast roots a bit more.

Official blurry photo as proof of dark cold ride home. Until downloadable temperature samples are available, you'll have to take my word for it. Trust me, it's cold.

Besides freezing my ass off commuting to work - a few tidbits of life over the last week or so. I'm under contract to help fill up the Internet, so need to do my part with assorted incoherent sentences and bad photography......

Ian had his first basketball game last Saturday – first game that counts anyway. His team was something like 10 points behind, not much time left – thought they were done. Amazingly, they caught up and the game was tied at 23 points each. They added a 2 minute period to break the tie – no one scored. In the sudden death round, his team scored the winning basket – to the cheers of all parents and other players (waiting to play). Fun time. Being a sap, I actually get weepy witnessing such goofy events - anything that involves my kids. Daughter Amy laughs, "Dad, you're crying." "Nah, my eyes are just watering."

After the big game, we celebrated at the Crab Pot - where they steam up a Pile-O-Seafood and dump it all over your table. A big tasty, shared mess of eatin' fun - though a bit expensive. Pretty good though.

Sunday was designated "Christmas Tree Cutting Day", so let the festivities begin. After 15 years of getting our tree from this Woodinville tree farm - you'd think I'd remember the name. Sorry, no clue.

Day after Thanksgiving, we skipped the "Black Friday" nonsense and spent some family time by Lake Washington. Even tried a bit of fishing. Caught nothing but a few cool sunset shots.

This concludes my assorted rambling blog post - not suitable for collecting. Don't call now, operators are not standing by. Adios.


  1. 1. Impressive commuting, in the dark and below freezing.

    2. Congratulations to the offspring on the unexpected basketball victory.

    3. That dish of seafood looks wonderful. What's in the cup?

  2. It's not that impressive - only managed the one day this week so far. Too much going on at work and home this week. I did squeeze some indoor trainer time though.

    I'm not really a basketball fan, but have been enjoying it a bit with my son. We shoot hoops out in the driveway and watching his games is cool. You get to experience things you'd normally ignore via your kids - it's all good.

    Pile of occasional seafood is always a treat. In the cup? Melted butter - the perfect compliment to decreased winter mileage (burp).