Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm Famous - Sorta

I better be careful what I say about Grant Petersen and Bicycling magazine....

Both have hit my blog recently and as you can see – seem to be very impressed with my so called “work”. Only took 'em one visit to splash me with fame and fortune....

I’m now the full-time editor for all energy drink reviews for Bicycling magazine. They also promised me a cover shot on the latest $15,000 carbon bike – complete with full Photoshop treatment, so I’ll actually look good – they plan to replace my entire head with Kevin Bacon’s. I’ve already started my first energy drink comparison - been on a liquid diet for the last three days now (burp). Besides some blurring in my left eye and peeing a lot – no side effects and I’ve shaved 12 seconds off my commute time.

Grant Petersen has offered to send me a lifetime supply of bee’s wax and twine. I’m also allowed to design the next lug pattern for the soon to be released
mixte-touring-gravel-road frameset, that will be practical – yet still cost $2000 - but the fork is included, so not a bad deal. Grant also promised me some Wald wire baskets and a Pletscher kickstand – if I publicly denounce carbon fiber and STI shifting. I may go for it.

All this from my dumb little blog. Is this a great country or what?

I'm sure now, after my good natured ribbing - they'll never visit again. I'm doomed.

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