Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tales From the Burke-Gilman Trail. Lemonade for Sale.

Before I headed home from work the other day, my wife informed me the kids set up a lemonade stand along the Burke-Gilman Trail, hoping to cash in on thirsty riders during the hot afternoon.

This is my commute route, so I cranked up the speed a bit - hoping to see them before their interest in the lemonade business faded. I arrived in time to witness the waning moments of the operation....

Shadow photographs Operation Lemonade Stand in full swing.

Daughter Amy and son Ian attempt to flag down riders. Amy singing "Lemonade for sale" helps the sales pitch.

Amy has enough of this whole capitalism thing and bails to adjoining playground.

Checkered flag in hand, Ian goes at it alone. Sales is a tough business.

By the time I arrived, only witnessed one rider stop - though about 15 people stopped earlier in the day. I grabbed a free drink for myself, to the complaint of the business owners. Reminded them I was actually funding the whole operation, so was entitled to a freebie. Most of the real customers who stopped were great and told the kids to "Keep the change".

Ian and Amy have set up the Lemonade Stand on our street before, this was the first mobile operation - with assistance from mom. As cute and corny as Lemonade Stands go, still valuable lessons being learned from the experience. I think so anyway.

Plus, now that I see how thrilled my kids are when someone stops - I always try to stop by other kids stands when I spot one. I also tell 'em to "Keep the change". You can pretend to be a big spender when ordering up a 25 cent beverage.

If you happen to spot any kids on the side of the road with homemade signs and cheap, pre-mix lemonade waiting to be purchased - give it a go. Trust me, it's worth it.


  1. Bring 'em along and have 'em set up on the Hurricane Ridge road (if we ever actually make it out there). Roadies bonking at mile 14 could be a big business. Charge $5 per glass.

  2. Anyone bonking at "mile 14" deserves to fork over $5 per glass.

    They can name the stand "Mile 14" in honor of all.

    We'll get a Hurricane Ridge ride in before the snow hits.....