Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bridgestone MB-Zip Update

As noted in my Bridgestone MB-Zip post a few months back - I sold the Zip to some guy, who apparently was looking to display the bike at a soon to open shop.  I didn't really have any details, but thought having the old Zip on display would be cool.  My contribution to a little mountain bike history for other bike nuts to enjoy.

A few months after the sale, a coworker mentioned seeing a Zip hanging at a new shop in his area.  He didn't remember the name of the place, but I figured it out after a little Google searching.  Place was JRA Bike Shop in the Crown Hill area of Seattle.  I planned to hit the shop eventually and visit the old Zip.  I thought it would be a fun blog update, complete with pictures of "my" Zip hanging at the new location.  More time rolls by and I never made it over there.

Last night, I'm goofing around online and check for responses on my blog.  Wacky enough, some guy named Frank Strack purchased the Zip off JRA, then found my blog story on the very same bike.  With the help of the Internet - a small world.

Frank is riding the Zip, not storing as a collectable piece of mountain bike history.  Excellent.  He also has a great blog worth checking out, called Velominati.  It's worth a visit.  It even has pictures of the Zip ready to roll for real again.

I wish Frank and the Zip many happy trails.


  1. Great update. After the first voyage where I cracked the headset, she's been repaired and sent on a second, much longer trip out to Cle Elum:

  2. That's great. Post the occasional Zip update in your blog. Fun reading.