Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pink Skulls be Damned

Escaped the house early today for a quick road ride, before the family was up and the hot weather hit.  Supposed to climb to 90 degrees later in the day.  Felt good to get out early on the road bike on something besides a commute ride.  No messenger bag on my back for a change - nice.

I'm about 5 minutes out on the road, quiet two lane road - no traffic at all - then some car buzzes me.  Not super dangerous close, but still stupid - considering no one was coming the other way - maybe gave me 2 feet of space.  As I shake my head in response, a quick middle finger comes out the window.  Obviously it was intentional, otherwise they wouldn't have been glued to the rear view mirror waiting for a response.  I just shake my head again, amazed at their stupidity.  It's about 8:30 AM on a beautiful Sunday morning, we're the only two vehicles on the road - and the moron factor is already apparent.

Normally, I just blow this stuff off - it's just not worth it.  Right after the middle finger salute, they peel off to the left up another street.  I change my route and follow them, even though I'm not raving mad - just pissed off enough to act a bit stupid myself.  If I caught them, planned to calmly ask why they gave me the finger.  They stay just far enough ahead, no way I could catch up.  I'm not sprinting, just calmly riding in the saddle.  All I notice is a pink skull sticker on the trunk. Cute.  After a few seconds, they're out of sight.

Actually, I'm amazed how little this type of stupidity occurs here in the Seattle area.  I've had only a handful of similar events happen in over 20 years of living here.  I blow this example off and continue my ride. As I head towards downtown Kirkland, spot lots of other people riding - including a huge group ride moving at a nice clip.  I wave to many people headed the other way to increase the bike karma.

No way Pink Skull Car is going to ruin this morning.


  1. Typical Sunday church-goers. "God hates cyclists!"

  2. Yes - we all know bicycles are tools of the devil.

    Riding around like we own the road, wearing silly shorts - hell, the fast dudes even shave their legs.

    We're all dangerous freaks I tell you - freaks.....