Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wish I Was There

Bike Comrades,

Check out this ride report (Hakkalugi Adventure) from Scot Nicol, also known as Chuck Ibis:

Super cool street/dirt cruise on ‘cross bikes.  Nice pictures, killer ride. I've must have checked the pics out at least 5 times by now.  This kind of ride pushes all my buttons.  Mixture of dirt and street, looks like a cool group of folks, insane scenery, a memorable epic.  Wish I was there.

Reading this ride report gets my wheels turning to set up something similar here in the Seattle area.  I have a few riding pals may that be interested in such two wheel tomfoolery.

Scot Nicol is/was the founder of Ibis cycles – famous in bike circles, especially for the old school Ibis company.  Company was sold, ruined by new management, then went belly up.  Scot and others picked up the pieces and restarted the company – with the modern twist of carbon fiber and outsourced manufacturing.  They make nice stuff.

I have 3 Ibis’ -  a '97 Hakkalugi, my most used bike ever, a newer Carbon Silk that I really dig - and a '80s Trials Comp that hangs in my garage – basically useless for any real world riding.  At one time I thought I was a bit of a trials rider.  Uh, turned out not so.

I met Scot Nicol once at Interbike in 1995, the height of the Ibis heyday.  Super friendly, funny guy.  He’s also in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and was involved with the whole mountain bike scene from very early on.  I’ve also noticed he moonlights as a tour guide for Hampsten tours in Italy.  That would be a my dream – Italy Hampsten tour with Chuck Ibis and Andy Hampsten.  Man, I’m such a bike geek.

The Ibis site itself:   The Tech section has some interesting reading on carbon fiber – and even though I wanna hate carbon – proof as to why you can’t.  Besides the fact that it rides great and weighs less then a fully loaded taco.

Old School Rules (but not always).

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