Sunday, May 3, 2009

Indie Series Race # 2. Here Comes The Sun.

Second race of the Indie Series was singletrackin' fun in the sun.  While loading the car last night - pouring rain and windy - thought today would be a repeat mudfest of race # 1 at North Seatac.

Not the case - weather was perfect for buzzing the trails of South Seatac, while jets buzzed the treetops - both parks are located within a stone's throw of Seatac airport.  Not exactly the wilderness experience, but the trails are great - fast and smooth.

Ian pulled off a good race and placed 4th out of 5 kids in his class - Beginner Boys 10 and under.  With two events down, Ian currently sits in 2nd place for the series.  Kid in first place won the last two events - he's fast.  We're using our Mr. Consistent plan which scored Ian 3rd place over all last year.  Most important aspect of it all - have fun.

Race today went off without a hitch, Ian paced himself well - no crashes, ran a few sections - including a short, steep downhill where he crashed hard last year.  We tried practicing the hill before the race, he still felt better walking his bike down - no problem.  Ian's class did a lap and and a half of the course - about 8 miles or so.  Plenty of racing for a 9 year old.  A good solid positive learning experience - and fun.

Post race P&B sandwich.  Life is good.

Official race # 59 today, complete with new mountain bike pants - courtesy of sponsor Dad.

It rained Clif Bars after the race - more tasty then regular rain.

No race for me today, but I did follow Ian around for his.  I'll get a race or two in myself before the series is over.  I'm having huge fun watching Ian experience all this - but am itching to race myself.

Next event is Whidbey Island - Ian is already asking about it.  Last year it turned out to be a memorable family day - ferry ride, race, lunch at Langley, and played around by the water - all good stuff.

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