Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fat Chance Rebirth in Progress

As mentioned in various bicycle media and alluded to by me a few months back, Chris Chance relaunching Fat Chance bikes. And that is a cool story. I've said it before, if any old school mountain bike company was worthy of relaunch, Fat Chance would be it. Even years after its demise, a rabid cult following still exists. Now to see if actually possible.

Interesting to note that Chris Chance is doing this via a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds. $116,000 requested to get Fat Chance afloat once again. With 18 days currently left, they've scored over $95,000 towards the goal. Amazing that amount accumulated with just 131 people signed on. Don't quote me on the numbers, they can change daily.

Some big bucks required to secure the first batch of new Yo Eddy frames. $2500 or $5000+ to be on the list, depending on the package. Seems crazy expensive for a steel frame, until you consider its not just about the frame, you're helping to bring back some cool mountain bike history and launch it into the modern age. For the not so well off, cheaper packages available for t-shirts and other goodies.

The modern Yo Eddy frame to feature 27.5 or 29er wheels, your choice. Trail oriented geometry, tapered head tube, 12x142 rear axle, and dropper post compatible. All in glorious steel and hopefully old school graphics. Exactly how spec'd it on their survey awhile back, along with a bunch of other folks I'm sure. Frames to be USA built and delivered this summer. Being the old school Fat fan, pushes all my correct buttons. Yes please.

Will I be scoring a frame myself? Fat chance, Bunky. Highly unlikely and not quite in the family budget. Maybe after the initial run and stock production goes into full swing, lowering the price. That be the dream anyway. I'll probably pony up for the $50 t-shirt and sticker pack anyway, to at least be part of it all.

I wish 'em all good luck and hope to see this be a successful venture.

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