Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ramones Soundcheck - Circa 1980

I've been the huge Ramones fan for decades and clumsily blabbered about it awhile back, so I'll spare you the history for now.

Recently while cruising YouTube, I rediscovered this little gem. Ramones soundcheck from Italy, circa 1980. I dig the informal nature of it all, folks milling about and yet it rocks. Johnny's awesome guitar tone and style in action. Close up view of Marky's drumming technique. Dee Dee warming up on bass. Joey looking awkward and cool at the same time, yet sounding fantastic.

The Ramones, R.I.P...


  1. Aye Dan - I remember opening my mail every morning to Song of the Day... all done from memory. Good stuff.

  2. Jim - Yes, the "Song of the Day" - forgot about that. Pre-Internet era email, no Google searching, all from memory…