Friday, June 6, 2014

I'm Not Dead Yet

Despite not blogging anything for 2+ months now, I'm actually not quite dead yet.  Too much work, not enough fun time, and being family guy will put a crimp on things.  It's all a blur.  And lately not really a good blur.

Not happy to report that my bike commuting has been nil for the past two years or so.  For various reasons, I did not coach the junior high mountain bike team this season, nor been out mountain biking much.  The tide ebbs and flows over the years of being a life long cyclist.

It's not all bicycle Gloom 'N' Doom though.  I've been hitting the trails a bit on my trusty and now vintage Ibis Hakkalugi 'cross bike.  Since my commuting as fallen off the map, ripped the fenders and 25c road tires off 'Lugi, then levered on a pair of Kenda Small Block 8 'cross tires.  You could almost hear the old Ibis breath a sigh of relief - like swapping the sport coat and neck tie for some light, bouncy sneakers.  Yes please.

Riding familiar trails on the 'cross bike sheds a new light on the whole experience.  Compared to the mountain bike - I'm going half the speed in technical sections - but feels faster on smoother sections.  Along with all around Light 'N' Zippy feeling of goodness.  Even if my current fitness level is nowhere near Light 'N' Zippy.  More like Slow 'N' Plodding.

In any case, who cares about speed.  Being out on two wheels with dirt under the tires is what counts.  Doing it with drop 'bars just adds the additional fun twist to it all.  Highly recommended.

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