Monday, June 23, 2014

Giving Back via Photography - Remembering Don Matthews

Back in 2011, armed with new Nikon D7000 in hand, I ventured down to Chehalis - that be Washington - to witness and shoot a vintage motocross race.  First motocross race I attended since 1983 or so, after being very involved with dirt motorcycles as the teenager and young (alleged) adult.

Event was a stop on the AHRMA national race series.  Also the first time shooting an event with a DSLR camera.  Being the (ex) old school motocrosser and (re) born photographer, turned out to be a fun day and I scored some decent photos.

Shortly after the race, I posted the photos here on the ol' blog and to Facebook with some nice comments from folks.  Cool.  Then late in 2013, I dug through the Pile-O-Pics and posted a few to various vintage motocross related sites on Facebook.

Folks recognized one of the racers as Don Matthews, who had recently passed away. Two different people contacted me asking to use the photos for upcoming commemorative events.  

Of course, I agreed...

This event in California used one of the photos for event t-shirts.  To add another old school motocross twist, Brad Lackey's shirt company produced 'em.  Folks sent me one of the shirts, turned out pretty cool.

This event held in Oregon, my photo used for the trophies.  Nicely done.  Folks involved sent me a few examples.

For reference, the original photos.

I didn't know Don Matthews personally, but feel honored to have contributed to his memory in some way.  From the comments on Facebook and my emails with the folks involved, Don appeared to be the well loved figure in the vintage motocross community.  I was glad to play a part in the celebration of his life via photography.

Life can be short.  Ride on, have fun, keep things in perspective...

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