Saturday, December 7, 2013

26 Ain't Dead - Video

Well done, fun video.  26" wheels and hardtail, dude is ripping it - new school style.  Give it a go and agree.

Even though I've succumbed to 29er hoops, I realize there is no "right" size wheel set.  The right size is whatever works for you and your riding style.  26, 29, 650B - who cares?

As long as they're rolling with dirt under 'em - all that matters…


  1. A 26" mountain bike can ride just as well as any other kind of mountain bike. I never really got into all the hype about 29ers and 650b. Now doing a the same trail on a 26" rigid gets someone more man points in my opinion.

  2. Cool! I still rock a 26er Full Rigid