Sunday, December 29, 2013

1985 Fat Chance Trials - Second Spin Cycles

Found this great example of a '85 Fat Chance trials bike on the Second Spin Cycles site.  Pics courtesy of Second Spin Cycles.  I knew Fat City sold trials bikes during the '80s - with one of my early Fat catalogs listing a trials frame - but have never actually seen one.  Cool looking bike, especially that fork - sweet.

During the mountain bike formative years, observed trials was touted to be the next big thing, though that never occurred.  I was under the illusion of being sort of a trials rider back in the day and entered a few events on my '86 Fat Chance.  Great era and fun times.

Later, I picked up a used Ibis Trials Comp and then fully discovered trials rider I'm not.  If interested, prior babbling about observed trials and Ibis pics from a previous post - click here - for Internet transportation device.

Cool to see a Fat trails rig, even if only in photo form.  If you're into vintage mountain bikes, Second Spin Cycles is worth a visit.  Dude puts out some nice restorations.


  1. I saw the Second Spin Cycles post a few days ago and was surprise to see that Fat Chance made a trials bike.
    Yep the guy does some nice restorations. I would just like to find half the bikes he does...

  2. Thanks for the kind words guys!!!

  3. Martin - no problem. Always cool to check out your projects...